Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Do I have to sign a long contract?

No. Precision Office Cleaning, LLC offers a 30 day written notice to both parties. What that means to you is that our good work will determine our success with your company. Many other companies force you to sign an annual contract and complicated terms to terminate the contract. We feel that if we are doing a great job for you and your company then we will maintain our relationship for many years without the need for a restrictive contract.

What licenses and insurance does your company carry?

Precision Office Cleaning, LLC carries a one million dollar liability policy for each occurrence with a two million dollar aggregate.

In addition, if you hire Precision Office Cleaning, LLC you will have proof of insurance sent to you directly from our insurance agent. This is important because you will have the security of knowing that insurance is valid and up to date before service begins.

Do you supply expendable items such as paper towels, hand soap and toilet tissue?

These items can be provided to you at an additional cost. Whether you have us provide these items or you choose to do it yourself, we will alert you when your stock is low and will replenish these items in the appropriate dispensers at each visit.

Will I have the same person or persons cleaning my account?

Yes. We don’t believe in rotating staff. We feel that having the same personnel at our account week after week allows us to have a more consistent service. Using this system, our personnel will grow to understand your service needs. Many times our customers meet and know who is in their building each week. We believe this fosters trust between ourselves and the customer that can’t be achieved through rotating staff.

What is normally included in your general cleaning?

Each customer and their cleaning situation is unique, but in general, our staff will perform the following task:

Do you supply expendable items such as paper towels, hand soap and toilet tissue?

Are your employees screened before they are hired?

Yes, each employee must pass a criminal background check and have a valid driver’s license with an excellent driving record.

Do you supply your own cleaning equipment?

Yes, we provide all equipment such as vacuums, mop buckets, mops, cleaning fluids, rags, dust cloths, etc.

Do you use subcontractors?

Never. All of our personnel are employees that have been screened and background checked. They are all covered under our general liability, automobile, and workers’ compensation insurance as well as all being bonded against theft.