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Commercial Floor Cleaning by Precision Office Cleaning

Precision Office Cleaning, LLC offers custom floor care for your facility. We specialize in VCT floor stripping and waxing. We utilize the highest quality chemicals to ensure that old floor wax is stripped completely and that the subsequent wax application with the appropriate coats of wax will produce a durable and attractive result.
You may have had a bad experience in having your floors stripped and waxed in the past. Many times, problems arise from the contractor not taking the time to completely remove the wax before applying new wax which leads to an uneven look that lacks a consistent shine. Also, you may have experienced a situation where the baseboards were not cleaned properly during the stripping process which has left old wax adhering to the baseboards. These type of short-cuts may offer you a lower price, but will cause headaches for you and your company for many months if not years.
Keep your commercial floor well maintained with stripping and refinishing services provided by Precision Office Cleaning, LLC. Utilizing time-tested processes and modern equipment, our experienced technicians will deliver the shine you’re looking for!

Commercial Floor Cleaning

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