Commercial Cleaning Services

Providing Professional Commercial Cleaning Services to Lakeland and Surrounding Areas

Commercial Cleaning Services by Precision Office Cleaning

Since 1998 Precision Office Cleaning, LLC has offered customers a professional and cost-effective way for customers to keep their business environment clean and healthy. Our commercial cleaning service has grown, enabling us to serve both small offices and large complexes effectively. We service small companies that only require service every other week to large facilities that require on sight day porter services and daily cleaning.

In choosing a cleaning service, it is always important to consider the reputation and track record of the company you are choosing. We understand that many times, we have access to keys and alarm codes that may not even be given to employees of the customer we serve. We do not take this responsibility lightly.

Customized & Quality Janitorial Cleaning Service & Porter Service

In every proposal we submit, we state that if you are not completely satisfied with a particular service we have provided, we will return within 24 hours to correct the problem. This is a promise that is made and has been honored since the creation of our business.

Another aspect which we feel is important to our success is maintaining qualified personnel. We do not have rotating staff that services our customers. We will provide personnel for cleaning that will maintain your facility and the same technicians will keep showing up week after week, year after year.

Our Other Commercial Cleaning Services:

Window Cleaning

Let the light shine through with professional window washing services from Precision Office Cleaning.

Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

Burnishing • Stripping & Sealing • Waxing • Tile Maintenace • Grout Cleaning •Carpet Cleaning

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